Fragrance Reviews

Pinrose Sugar Bandit Fragrance Review

* Starts with a soft hint of Play-Doh – with a mix of burnt sugar and caramel.

* Actually, that’s not really fair – the “Play-Doh” accord burns off quickly and the caramel gets stronger.

* It gets sweeter as white chocolate and vanilla joins the caramel.

* I find myself wanting to lick myself around this point.

* The sweetness is grounded by creamy sandalwood for a long-lasting base.

Summary: Sugar Bandit is a really fun scent to wear.  It skews very young with the sweet notes, though it reminds me a bit of Guerlain Gourmand Coquin.  It stays present for a long time but it is never too dense or overwhelming – it feels more like a cloud of sweet air around you.  It reads more feminine, but a guy could still pull this off.  If you like sweet gourmands but don’t want to spend a lot of money, Sugar Bandit is worth testing.

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Pinrose Sugar Bandit is available from the Pinrose website

Disclaimer: Samples purchased through Pinrose webite. Image courtesy of Pinrose website.

Fragrance Reviews

Jovoy Rouge Assassin Fragrance Review

* Rouge Assassin starts strong, with iris and resins.

* Yes, this one is aggressive and quite loud with an intense smell of dirty lipstick.  Dirty as in sexy, not filthy.

Fragrance Reviews

Smellbent Lady Gogo Fragrance Review

* Lady Gogo starts of fruity with a mix of orange and lemon.

* The citrus stays present for quite a long time, which is quite surprising as those notes usually burn off quickly on my skin.

Fragrance Reviews

Bond No 9 I Love New York For Marriage Equality Fragrance Review

* I Love New York For Marriage Equality starts off with sweet fruits – plum and tangerine with a hint of spice (clove and allspice) and a slight touch of sandalwood.

* The date on the bottle, 7-24-11, is the date that the Marriage Equality Act took effect in New York.