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A*Men Ultra Zest Fragrance Review (MAINSTREAM MONDAY)


* The zest is what you get on top with a bold burst of juicy citrus – orange and tangerine.

* It starts off like a sports fragrance on steroids.

* After about ten minutes, the juice is literally cooled off by ginger and mint, as if you are chewing some kind of all natural gum.

* Then it turns left and goes into the standard Amen.  Patchouli, coffee, cinnamon, and chocolate.

* The base is just as strong as you would imagine and tenacious just like all of the other A*Men flankers.

Summary:  In any special interest or hobby, there quickly develops an inherent snobbery which criticizes the mainstream and popular.  As we all develop eccentric tastes, it is important to realize that just because something is popular doesn’t mean it is necessarily bad.  A*Men is a a classic perfume that has stood the test of time.  Every flanker (or remix) adds a new top note and then it resolves to what is known, expected and loved.  If you love A*men and want a fresh remix for 2015, give Ultra Zest a shot.  Do not expect a light summer fragrance – this is the same brilliantly heavy and tenacious A*men, butwith a brief intro of juicy citrus.

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A*Men Ultra Zest is available from Macy’s and Nordstrom.

Disclaimer: Sample provided by Nordstrom. Image courtesy of Nordstrom website.

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Bond No 9 The Scent of Peace For Men Fragrance Review

bond-no-9-the-scent-of-peace-for-him* Sweet citrus and a hint of pine on the top.

* Projection is really strong on the top – really strong – really, really strong.

* As it starts to come closer to skin, a really artificial fruit mix comes in.

* It’s not that it is unpleasant, it just doesn’t smell inviting.

* The base is two of my least favorite notes – cedar and vetiver fighting for dominance.

Summary:  The bow tie on the bottle is cute.  There, I said something nice.   Some Bond No 9 scents  work really well on me and others really don’t.  The Scent of Peace for Men is in the latter category.  I wore it for a week and I was surprised at how much it projected and how many people commented on it.   People from across the room could smell it and they generally didn’t say nice things.   Cedar and vetiver don’t work on my skin – almost as a rule.  Combining them on my skin for the long-lasting base – yes, more than 12 hours, so longevity is good – is a pretty horrible experience for me.   I wouldn’t say it is as torturesome as Houbigant Fougère Royal but it is not something I would choose to wear ever again.  This scent makes me unhappy and not peaceful, but maybe you will have a different reaction to it.

Bond No 9 Fragrance are available from Saks Fifth Avenue and Bond Boutiques.

Sample received from sales associate.  Image courtesy of Bond No 9 website.


Jack Black Epic Moisture MP10 Nourishing Oil Review

* MP10 is a mixture of ten natural oils that seems to do everything except bring about world peace.

* Applying to the skin, there is a soft citrus scent that dissipates really quickly.

* The oil is quickly absorbed and there is no greasy feeling.

* Effects are immediate; skin feels “better” and softer during the drying winter.

* Used on hair, it softens it and makes it more manageable.

Summary: I can totally get how guys are scared to try new skin care products and everything marketed to them is based around shaving. Well, guys, snap out of it and try MP10 oil – its like a Swiss army knife that does everything. I started growing a mustache during Movember (no shave november) and the short hairs were thick, coarse, bristly, and uncontrollable. When I smooth on some MP-10, my mustache is soft and manageable. It even works to shape eyebrows if it’s been too long since you’ve waxed/tweezed/shaved them. On my face, MP-10 is a great moisturizer and nighttime treatment. There is no SPF value, so I wouldn’t recommend it as a standalone daytime moisturizer. Since using it, my skin is much softer, breaking out less and easier to shave. It works decently as a pre-shave oil but much better as an aftershave oil. A sheer, multitasking oil that provides immediate benefits to skin and hair. The two ounce bottle is $32 and honestly, if they sold a 10 ounce pump – I would buy one for myself immediately and more to give away as holiday gifts. If you read other reviews online, you will see that I am not the only one who loves this stuff. In case you are wondering – the ten oils in the mix are argan, baobab seed, grapeseed, jojoba, marula seed, mooring seed, olive fruit, plum seed, rice bran, and watermelon seed.

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Jack Black products are available at department stores, Amazon and the Jack Black website. Image courtesy of Sephora.

Disclaimer: No disclaimer needed, I bought a bottle.

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Von Eusersdorff Classic Orange Fragrance Review


* Initial focus is orange – not sweet – very ripe and realistic – a little grapefruit and tangerine.

* For a citrus scent, it has quite strong projection on the top.

* Then it grows sweeter – more like fruit juice with a bit of musk added in.

* As the musk comes in, it reacts differently when I wear it.  Sometimes it gets a bit sweatier while at other times it gets even sweeter.

* The dry down keeps some of the sweetness, which is balanced by the musk and a dry wood.

Summary:  I am a fan of the Von Eusersdorff line, having loved three of the four initial scents that lived up to the “Classic” descriptor by being well done with quality ingredients and superior execution.  The Classic Orange lives up to the standard of the original three because it takes the classic short-lived citrus eau de cologne splash  and transforms it into a longer-wearing and full-bodied citrus perfume.  The citrus smell lasts more than five hours on my skin which is very rare, as my skin normally drinks up citrus after the first hour.  The scent is also a bit of chameleon – reacting a bit differently (but not unpleasantly) on different days.  Normally, I would feel weird recommending a citrus fragrance at this price point because citrus scents are normally so short lived, but the longevity of Classic Orange makes it worth a test.  If you are looking for a winter fragrance that makes you think of the summer or a summer fragrance that will last without being overbearing, Classic Orange might be the one for you.

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Von Eusersdorff fragrances are available at select boutiques. Your best be is Jovoy in Paris. Hopefully it will come to the US soon.

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Disclaimer: Sample provided by publicist. Image courtesy of Von Eusersdorff.