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Pinrose Campfire Rebel Fragrance Review


* A big cloud of smoke which quickly disperses to become whiskey.

* This scent actually gets stronger and projects more as you wear it.

Fragrance Reviews

Bond No 9 The Scent of Peace For Men Fragrance Review

bond-no-9-the-scent-of-peace-for-him* Sweet citrus and a hint of pine on the top.

* Projection is really strong on the top – really strong – really, really strong.

* As it starts to come closer to skin, a really artificial fruit mix comes in.

* It’s not that it is unpleasant, it just doesn’t smell inviting.

* The base is two of my least favorite notes – cedar and vetiver fighting for dominance.

Summary:  The bow tie on the bottle is cute.  There, I said something nice.   Some Bond No 9 scents  work really well on me and others really don’t.  The Scent of Peace for Men is in the latter category.  I wore it for a week and I was surprised at how much it projected and how many people commented on it.   People from across the room could smell it and they generally didn’t say nice things.   Cedar and vetiver don’t work on my skin – almost as a rule.  Combining them on my skin for the long-lasting base – yes, more than 12 hours, so longevity is good – is a pretty horrible experience for me.   I wouldn’t say it is as torturesome as Houbigant Fougère Royal but it is not something I would choose to wear ever again.  This scent makes me unhappy and not peaceful, but maybe you will have a different reaction to it.

Bond No 9 Fragrance are available from Saks Fifth Avenue and Bond Boutiques.

Sample received from sales associate.  Image courtesy of Bond No 9 website.

Fragrance Reviews

Houbigant Fougere Royal Fragrance Review

* The bottle looks all elegant and refined, but on first spray, it’s an intense bang of lavender and bergamot. 

* It starts off smelling like a regular men’s cologne, nothing special, but just wait because it gets better or worse depending on your mood.

* On good days, I get a spicy floral mix which dries down to an earthy amber.

* On bad days, it’s an evil caustic vetiver that borders on chemical waste.  It then fades into a dirty, musky patchouli with a bit of skunk (in a  bad way).

Summary:  So, I’ve worn this nearly 20 times while testing it in the hope of trying to discern what triggers the different scent journeys.  I simply can’t predict which way it will go when I wear it.  When it’s good, it’s really amazing.  When it’s bad, it puts me in such a bad mood that I feel like torturing unicorns.  This is an update of a classic fougere that pretty much defined the category.  I’ve never smelled the original, so I can’t compare.  All I know is that you should test this several times before you consider buying it. Longevity is good at more than 10 hours either way it goes (either a blessing or a curse). Although a little strong at first, it is office-friendly.

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Houbigant fragrances are available through Lucky Scent and Neiman Marcus.

Disclaimer: Bottle given to me as a gift from a friend – no disclaimer needed. Image courtesy of Lucky Scent.

Fragrance Reviews

Providence Perfume Mousseline Peche Fragrance Review


* Imagine a strong peach cocktail with a grapefruit garnish, and you’ve got the first whiff.

* The aperitif vibe fades, and a really juicy and lucious peach is the forefront.

* The peach sweetness introduces the flower – rose- and another with a hint of vanilla sweetening it.

* At this point, maybe two hours in, the scent becomes sheer and very much a skin scent.

* The base is woody with a bit of vetiver and a slight touch of sweetness.

Summary:  Wearing Moisseline Peche made me realize something about my skin.  Vetiver scents do not work well on me, almost as a rule, but with this scent, I realize that it’s not all vetivers, but rather the stronger ones, that go caustic when they hit my skin. Softer, sheerer vetivers like the base of Mosseline Peche agree with me.  That’s not to say this is a vetiver scent- it’s part of the base.  The scent strikes me as a mature, fruity floral that is not overbearing. As a natural, it lasts about 4 hours on my skin, though others report much shorter wear times.   Basically, expect to reapply after lunch if you wear it to the office (and yes, it is office-friendly).   The scent is a collaboration with fashion designer Jonathan Joseph Peters (from Season 7 of Project Runway) and is inspired by silk muslin – which makes sense as it feels soft, luxurious, and sheer throughout its weartime.. 

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Providence Perfumes are available from the Providence> Perfume Company website and Twisted Lily.

Disclaimer: Sample provided by Providence Perfume. Image courtesy of Providence Perfume website.