About NotableScents:  Brand new on the scene, NotableScents is a fragrance blog written by Ron Slomowicz (and inspired by Victoria Jent’s amazing eaumg.net).   The purpose is to spread the word and my thoughts about amazing fragrances that might be a little outside of the mainstream radar.

About Ron:  It feels weird calling myself Ron, as I have been DJ Ron for so long.  I was born on Long Island, New York and my family moved to Florida when I was five. We lived in the Orlando area, where I had my first taste of club culture at age 13 (Visage / Aahz / Beacham) and performed on the cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Vanderbilt University brought me to Nashville and I stayed after I graduated.  I am best known as a club/radio DJ/VJ and the guide/editor of dancemusic.about.com

The first cologne I ever bought was Benetton Colors, followed by Tuscany (because a girl said it got her excited).  After years of basic exploration, an article in Details magazine about choosing colognes based on your favorite vacation inspired me to hunt for a new fragrance when I was in Las Vegas for a gig. The last one on the list, Italian Cypress, brought me to the Tom Ford counter at Neiman Marcus; this is where I met Marie Cody, who introduced me to the world of niche fragrances.  A major purchase of five bottles (Italian Cypress, Neroli Portofino, Amber Absolute, Purple Patchouli, Black Violet) stoked my flame, and I have been a juice-lover ever since.

This blog is written from my perspective with the goal being to expose people to fragrances that they normally might not experience.  Department stores have a wide variety of choices, but there are so many amazing niche and independent fragrances out there that are worth the effort to find.  Just like anyone who dives deeply in with an interest (wine, food, electronic dance music), it’s easy to get sucked into an elitist frame of mind where the most obscure thing is the highest goal. That’s not my intention here. I aim to write about great fragrances in easy-to-understand language.

FTC Disclaimer – Unless otherwise noted, products I write about are items that I have purchased.  Anything received as a sample to write about, will be noted.  (This is a requirement for bloggers but not for print journalists – makes you wonder).