Dude Products Dude Wipes Review


Warning: I may not the “legit” enough to write this up and this review contains adult oriented humor.

* Dude Wipes are flushable moisturized wipes aimed at men to keep themselves fresh.

* Pretty much, they are baby wipes packaged to look like condoms.

* They serve the purpose perfectly as a moist towelette to clean up the nether regions after business is down (so to say.)

* They are meant to be used after regular toilet paper.

* There is no residue left behind aside from a clean and fresh feeling.

Summary: When I first saw this product, it immediately recalled the infamous Poo-pouri, a spray for toilets to mask smells left behind. Just as that product sold over a million units due to its kitsch-y advertising – DudeWipes is being marketed to “legit dudes only” with every possible cliche imaginable. From the packaging “DudeWipes are a lifestyle, for those who wanna do more, dominate the day and live like a boss.” Take that however you want. Although the product is marked as septic safe, there are several articles that talk about how these kind of products are causing problems. I myself don’t see them as an everyday essential, maybe something to keep on hand for emergencies or when things are really foul. The obvious use is for novelty/gag gifts to the man of your choice. Since the idea of man wipes has been done before (Dollar Shave Club comes to mind), I would suggest taking it further and adding scent.

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DudeWipes are available at Walgreens and

Disclaimer: Sample provided by PR company. Image courtesy of DudeProducts website.


Jack Black Epic Moisture MP10 Nourishing Oil Review

* MP10 is a mixture of ten natural oils that seems to do everything except bring about world peace.

* Applying to the skin, there is a soft citrus scent that dissipates really quickly.

* The oil is quickly absorbed and there is no greasy feeling.

* Effects are immediate; skin feels “better” and softer during the drying winter.

* Used on hair, it softens it and makes it more manageable.

Summary: I can totally get how guys are scared to try new skin care products and everything marketed to them is based around shaving. Well, guys, snap out of it and try MP10 oil – its like a Swiss army knife that does everything. I started growing a mustache during Movember (no shave november) and the short hairs were thick, coarse, bristly, and uncontrollable. When I smooth on some MP-10, my mustache is soft and manageable. It even works to shape eyebrows if it’s been too long since you’ve waxed/tweezed/shaved them. On my face, MP-10 is a great moisturizer and nighttime treatment. There is no SPF value, so I wouldn’t recommend it as a standalone daytime moisturizer. Since using it, my skin is much softer, breaking out less and easier to shave. It works decently as a pre-shave oil but much better as an aftershave oil. A sheer, multitasking oil that provides immediate benefits to skin and hair. The two ounce bottle is $32 and honestly, if they sold a 10 ounce pump – I would buy one for myself immediately and more to give away as holiday gifts. If you read other reviews online, you will see that I am not the only one who loves this stuff. In case you are wondering – the ten oils in the mix are argan, baobab seed, grapeseed, jojoba, marula seed, mooring seed, olive fruit, plum seed, rice bran, and watermelon seed.

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Jack Black products are available at department stores, Amazon and the Jack Black website. Image courtesy of Sephora.

Disclaimer: No disclaimer needed, I bought a bottle.

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Canvas and Concrete Fragrance Primer Review

* Canvas and Concrete goes on with an alcohol smell, feels a bit sticky, and has a bit of shine.

* After it dries a bit, there is still a slight smell which reminds me of glitter hairspray from Halloween before it softens to a subtle sweetness.

* Testing it – the initial effect is to amplify the top notes to prolong how long they last.

* The effect with a lighter eau de cologne and eau de toilette were remarkable – tripling and quadrupling the duration versus just spraying the scent itself.

* It didn’t work so well with heavier concentrations as the scents didn’t retain their integrity.

Summary:  When I first saw Canvas & Concrete, it struck me as odd.  I understand the use of a paint primer (coat the wall surface and provide a base layer to make the true color of the paint come through) and I know that girls often wear foundation, eye, and lip primers.  Then I realized the goal was to create a barrier to delay the absorption of the scent into your skin.  In theory, this would make the scent story more universal as it wouldn’t react to your skin chemistry immediately and it would wear the same on everyone.  One of my favorite scents is Creed Acier Aluminum, but the refreshing metallic banana scent lasts all of an hour on my skin before it goes away.  Spraying it over Canvas & Concrete, it was projecting for more than two hours and still present more than 4 hours later. The all-natural citrus fragrance Honore’s Trip lasts less than two hours on me, but with C&C it was still present more than six hours later.  The problem comes when you put a heavier concentration eau de parfum on top of it – the scent changes.  Sweeter notes are amplified greatly, and the darker/spicier notes are almost cancelled out. When my friend tried it with Marley Herod, it turned into an overly sweet Britney Spears scent.  When I tried it with other heavier scents (Christian Dior Eau Noire, By Killian Rose Oud, Histoires de Parfums 1969), the scent story was quite different and felt cheapened.  This actually isn’t surprising as the goal of this product is to make your scent last all day – a heavier perfume will already last all day on your skin – so no primer or amplifier is needed.  If you prefer to wear lighter skin scents but want them to last longer, a $20 bottle of Canvas and Concrete would be a good investment.  Also, if you have an oily or darker complected skin that “eats” light scents, this would be a good product to experiment with also.

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Canvas and Concrete Fragrance Primer is available from their website and CO Bigelow.

Sample provided by publicist. Image courtesy of Canvas and Courtesy website.