Dude Products Dude Wipes Review


Warning: I may not the “legit” enough to write this up and this review contains adult oriented humor.

* Dude Wipes are flushable moisturized wipes aimed at men to keep themselves fresh.

* Pretty much, they are baby wipes packaged to look like condoms.

* They serve the purpose perfectly as a moist towelette to clean up the nether regions after business is down (so to say.)

* They are meant to be used after regular toilet paper.

* There is no residue left behind aside from a clean and fresh feeling.

Summary: When I first saw this product, it immediately recalled the infamous Poo-pouri, a spray for toilets to mask smells left behind. Just as that product sold over a million units due to its kitsch-y advertising – DudeWipes is being marketed to “legit dudes only” with every possible cliche imaginable. From the packaging “DudeWipes are a lifestyle, for those who wanna do more, dominate the day and live like a boss.” Take that however you want. Although the product is marked as septic safe, there are several articles that talk about how these kind of products are causing problems. I myself don’t see them as an everyday essential, maybe something to keep on hand for emergencies or when things are really foul. The obvious use is for novelty/gag gifts to the man of your choice. Since the idea of man wipes has been done before (Dollar Shave Club comes to mind), I would suggest taking it further and adding scent.

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Disclaimer: Sample provided by PR company. Image courtesy of DudeProducts website.