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Nomaterra Brooklyn Violet Leaf Fragrance Review


* Bracing sharp intro of cold citrus.  The notes listed are yuzu and bergamot – I get grapefruit, which is probably the yuzu.

* For an oil-based perfume, it projects quite strongly on the intro.


Jack Black Epic Moisture MP10 Nourishing Oil Review

* MP10 is a mixture of ten natural oils that seems to do everything except bring about world peace.

* Applying to the skin, there is a soft citrus scent that dissipates really quickly.

* The oil is quickly absorbed and there is no greasy feeling.

* Effects are immediate; skin feels “better” and softer during the drying winter.

* Used on hair, it softens it and makes it more manageable.

Summary: I can totally get how guys are scared to try new skin care products and everything marketed to them is based around shaving. Well, guys, snap out of it and try MP10 oil – its like a Swiss army knife that does everything. I started growing a mustache during Movember (no shave november) and the short hairs were thick, coarse, bristly, and uncontrollable. When I smooth on some MP-10, my mustache is soft and manageable. It even works to shape eyebrows if it’s been too long since you’ve waxed/tweezed/shaved them. On my face, MP-10 is a great moisturizer and nighttime treatment. There is no SPF value, so I wouldn’t recommend it as a standalone daytime moisturizer. Since using it, my skin is much softer, breaking out less and easier to shave. It works decently as a pre-shave oil but much better as an aftershave oil. A sheer, multitasking oil that provides immediate benefits to skin and hair. The two ounce bottle is $32 and honestly, if they sold a 10 ounce pump – I would buy one for myself immediately and more to give away as holiday gifts. If you read other reviews online, you will see that I am not the only one who loves this stuff. In case you are wondering – the ten oils in the mix are argan, baobab seed, grapeseed, jojoba, marula seed, mooring seed, olive fruit, plum seed, rice bran, and watermelon seed.

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Jack Black products are available at department stores, Amazon and the Jack Black website. Image courtesy of Sephora.

Disclaimer: No disclaimer needed, I bought a bottle.


Base Sand Fragrance Review

Base Sand* Probably eight years ago, I walked into the Base store on Lincoln Road (South Beach), took a deep breath, and fell in love with Sand.  I ran to the counter and the lady pointed to the bottle of Sand.

* The top notes of bergamot, orange, and light patchouli are fresh, yet invigorating and energizing.

* Warning – this projects like a monster- especially if worn undiluted.  Keep this in mind.

* The concentrated spray can also be diluted to make an amazing room spray.

* The top notes last a long time. After about an hour, they fade and a clean patchouli and slightly soapy musk come in.

* The base notes stay on your skin until you shower – whether it be 12 or 20 hours later.

Summary:  Sand is the first fragrance that I have rebought more than three times.  It was my signature scent for over a year and it always makes me think of the Winter Music Conference, which brings a smile to my face.  At $55, the 4 ounce bottle is a bargain.  I’ve given it as a gift to friends who’ve asked me about it.  This would probably be considered an oil, so dilution might be necessary for those with sensitive skin or those who want to wear it to the office.  Sand is also available as a body wash, candle, roll-on, and incense sticks.  Also from the Base line, the mandarin/green tea SEA and peppermind/floral HOPE are quite wonderful. Base is a well-curated store that is worth a visit the next time you are in Miami.  Otherwise, check out their website.

Base Sand is available from Base boutiques and from the BaseWorld website.

Disclaimer:  No disclaimer needed, I bought a full bottle.  Image from