Marvis Concentree Eau de Bouche Mouthwash Review


* Marvis makes the most incredible toothpastes that are quite strong – licorice and jasmine mint are my favorites, so when I saw they were making a mouthwash I was intrigued.

* A small amount of the mouthwash can be used straight or a capful can be diluted in a cup of water.

* Used undiluted, this stuff is strong.  It will wake you up in the morning and might bring you to tears.  Gargle it for a minute and it will clean even the nastiest breath with the strong peppermint.

* Used diluted, the strength is somewhere between Scope (brisk but enjoyable) and Listerine (so strong it makes you cry).

* The mouthwash is alcohol-free, which is helpful since alcohol suppresses saliva and pulls moisture from mouth tissues.

Summary:  Elephant in the room – yes, $24 for mouthwash, so this is quite a splurge.  If you are a fan of Marvis toothpastes, you will love the strong flavor of the mouthwash.  The peppermint is sharp and intense, you will know it is working. Not only is it alcohol-free, it contains propolis which has antimicrobial properties that helps against forms of oral disease and can be used to treat canker sores.  I am not a doctor or scientist – this is just what I read by researching online.  Would I normally spend $24 on mouth wash – no.  When I have a gift certificate and want to splurge – sure.  This is one of those really nice luxury items that you can indulge in every day for a solid pick-me-up.  Also the bottle and packaging both have a really nice apothecary feel.

Marvis Concentree Eau de Bouche Mouthwash is available at CO Bigelow and Amazon.

Disclaimer: No disclaimer needed as I own a full bottle. Image courtesy of Bigelow Chemists website.