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Creed Acier Aluminum Fragrance Review

* Acier Aluminum starts off with a bracing and energizing metallic note, laced with bananas.

* Yes, this smells just as strange as you would imagine, but is quite cooling and great for summer.

* The scent stays banana and metallic even when additional spices join in for the heart notes.

* Actually, the scent feels kind of linear with only a slight addition of vanilla in the base.

Summary:  As a dance music journalist, I am always looking for the WTF (What the F*k) track.  You know the one that you hear and go, WTF was that.  Acier Aluminum is a WTF fragrance, especially since it is unlike anything else Creed has in their line.  It’s kind of like what Pure Shot is to A*men, a sports fragrance which has nothing to do with the main scent.   My only complaint about it is the lack of longevity.  Although its an eau de parfum, it lasts like an eau de cologne around for maybe three hours on the skin.   But, the scent is so strange and off the wall, it makes me want to reapply every three hours just so I can get that buzz again.  I could see someone keeping this in a fridge and spritzing themselves as a refresher with this throughout the day.  Creed fragrances are not inexpensive but with a 250ML flacon going for $235 on their website, Acier Aluminum is a relative bargain.

Creed fragrances are available from Neiman Marcus, select Nordstrom and the Creed Boutique.   If you live in South Florida, I strongly recommend that you reach out to Eduardo, the Creed representative at the Bal Harbour Neiman Marcus.  If you live in Nashville, Byron at Green Hills Nordstrom is quite exceptional as well.

No disclaimer needed as I own a full bottle.  Image courtesy of Creed website.