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Pinrose Campfire Rebel Fragrance Review


* A big cloud of smoke which quickly disperses to become whiskey.

* This scent actually gets stronger and projects more as you wear it.

Fragrance Reviews

Pinrose Moonlight Gypsy Fragrance Review

* First whiff is a sweet cherry wine with a hint of spices.

* More than wine, it actually smells like an Indian candy that I had once – I just can’t remember the name.

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Masik University of Tennessee Men’s Cologne Review


* Sweet fruit on the top- black berries and strawberries- with a hint of spice.

* It smells clean and fresh to me, very similar to what you would expect from a department store designer fragrance.

* The fruits fade away as lavender comes in with a spicy floral undertone.

* Guys shouldn’t be scared of the floral note – it isn’t that strong.

* The base is a clean, woodsy musk.

Summary: Although I live in Tennessee, I don’t make it up to Knoxville that often – so I can’t really gauge if these are REALLY the smells of the college.  Honestly, it could probably smell like bongwater and the ravenous UT Vols fans would still buy it up.  The MASIC company has discovered a great and loyal crowd who will buy signature fragrances – university students and alumni.  The scent smells nice and will please a lot of people who are looking for an easy to wear, everyday, work-friendly scent.  As stated above, it is very similar to a lot of the designer fragrances you see in a department store.  It isn’t groundbreaking, but that’s not its purpose.  For the target audience, it is a great fit.

Masik University of Tennessee Men’s Cologne is available at the Masik Website and Belk. Sample provided by publicist.

Fragrance Reviews

Marc Jacobs Bang Fragrance Review (MAINSTREAM MONDAY)

* This is one of those fragrances that might make you sneeze.  The initial burst of pepper is explosive.  It is so sharp that it even borders on dill pickle.

* Initial projection is bombastic, people all around you might start sneezing.

* After about an hour, it dials back and gets a lot sweeter with resins and amber coming in.

* You may get used to it but it is still projecting without you realizing it.

* A bit of earthy patchouli joins the amber for a long-lasting base.

Summary: When this scent was first realized, it got a lot of buzz for its oversexualized ads.  It was promoted to men and forced down the throat of gay men.  For a few months, I felt like I was being attacked by a Marc Jacobs perfume sales associate the second I walked into a department store.  I don’t like being overly marketed to and don’t respond well to perfumes that make me sneeze.  I recently pulled out my sample and gave it a few full wearings and I realize that I actually do like the scent.  Once you get past the sneeze-inducing top, it becomes a nice, somewhat office-appropriate sweet scent.   I say somewhat because this scent is deceiving.  Each time I wear this, I think it has mellowed to a mild skin scent but people around me notice it and ask about it.   It is definitely worth testing and I can see why a lot of guys wear Bang.

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Marc Jacobs Bang is available widely at department stores.

Disclaimer: Sample received from friend. Picture courtesy of OSMOZ.