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Marc Jacobs Bang Fragrance Review (MAINSTREAM MONDAY)

* This is one of those fragrances that might make you sneeze.  The initial burst of pepper is explosive.  It is so sharp that it even borders on dill pickle.

* Initial projection is bombastic, people all around you might start sneezing.

* After about an hour, it dials back and gets a lot sweeter with resins and amber coming in.

* You may get used to it but it is still projecting without you realizing it.

* A bit of earthy patchouli joins the amber for a long-lasting base.

Summary: When this scent was first realized, it got a lot of buzz for its oversexualized ads.  It was promoted to men and forced down the throat of gay men.  For a few months, I felt like I was being attacked by a Marc Jacobs perfume sales associate the second I walked into a department store.  I don’t like being overly marketed to and don’t respond well to perfumes that make me sneeze.  I recently pulled out my sample and gave it a few full wearings and I realize that I actually do like the scent.  Once you get past the sneeze-inducing top, it becomes a nice, somewhat office-appropriate sweet scent.   I say somewhat because this scent is deceiving.  Each time I wear this, I think it has mellowed to a mild skin scent but people around me notice it and ask about it.   It is definitely worth testing and I can see why a lot of guys wear Bang.

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Marc Jacobs Bang is available widely at department stores.

Disclaimer: Sample received from friend. Picture courtesy of OSMOZ.

Fragrance Reviews

Lush Scent Rose Jam Fragrance Review

* I don’t get the rose jam on top like with the shower gel – it’s more like toasted rose cracker..  There’s a bran or cooked starch weighing it down.

* That cracker note dissipates and the rose starts to get peppery and lemony.  The rose is still the star – it’s just that the supporting players change.

* At this point, Rose Jam goes in one of two ways – either soapy or fruity.  Each time I wear it, it’s a bit unpredictable.

* The starchiness of the top comes back again in the base – for a bready rose, with a touch of almond and honey.

Summary:  After reading Victoria’s review of Rose Jam shower gel, I picked up a bottle and now use it a few times per week.   Rose Jam Pure Perfume is a really good interpretation of the scent.   It lasts 8-10 hours on my skin before it becomes completely undetectable.  Rose Jam is more of a nighttime scent, and I wouldn’t consider it office friendly due to the projection.  If you spray it after bathing with the shower gel, you get a really decadent rose experience.  For the price point, I can’t think of another Rose scent of similar quality.

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Lush Scent Rose Jam is a limited edition that was available only from their website. Check there first to see if it is still available. If not, ebay is pretty much your only option.

Disclaimer: Bottle purchased – no disclaimer needed. Image courtesy of Lush website.

Fragrance Reviews

Votivo Lock Your Love – Hot to Handle Fragrance Review

* Lock Your Love is a trio of scents inspired by the tradition of couples locking a padlock to a chain and getting rid of the key as a sign of eternal love.

* Hot to Handle starts with spicy wood and violet flowers.

Fragrance Reviews

M Micallef Royal Vintage Fragrance Review

* Royal Vintage begins with a peppery citrus that is slightly sweet.

* It goes on refreshing, like a cologne, but with more depth. It feels light and full at the same time.