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Votivo Lock Your Love – Hot to Handle Fragrance Review

* Lock Your Love is a trio of scents inspired by the tradition of couples locking a padlock to a chain and getting rid of the key as a sign of eternal love.

* Hot to Handle starts with spicy wood and violet flowers.
* The top note lasts for more than hour and varies in intensity – sometimes it broadcasts while other times it’s closer to the skin.

* The spicy wood is joined by pepper and mild incense.

* A dirty patchouli joins the spicy wood for a sexy dry down.

Summary:  I had never heard of the Lock Your Love movement but found it to be quite romantic (as jaded as I am).  The three scents offered from Votivo (as both fragrance sprays and candles) are Hard to Get (light, playful and flirty),  Hold Me Tight (first love and warm embrace) and Hot to Handle (intense sexy love).  I smelled all three at the New York International Gift Fair and while the first two were nice, Hot to Handle is the one that I most responded to.  Not a surprise, as I tend to go for darker and more intense scents.  Hot to Handle is spicy and sexy with a bit of an edge, but not too much or over the top.  It is easy to wear and different enough to where you won’t smell like anyone around you.  It is definitely unisex and reacts differently on different people.  Longevity is close to eight hours which is really good for an eau de toilette.  I could see myself giving this as a wedding gift to a couple to share, but then again – that’s just the kind of guy I am.

M Micallef fragrances will be available through Votivo.

Disclaimer:  Sample provided by publicist for review.  Image courtesy of Votivo.