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Masque Milano Montecristo Fragrance Review


* Tobacco and rum dominate the top – and the room – as it projects strongly.

* When I say it projects strongly, you will be leaving a strong scent trail.

* The tobacco and rum stay present and gradually get more dirty and animalic as the smell of dirty leather and musk comes in.

* It starts to get a little smoky at this point, as if the match for the tobacco has been extinguished in the dirty leather.

* As the smoke rises, the heart of sweet resins and earthy patchouli come in with a hint of the rum from the top still in the mix.

Summary:  The buzz on this scent from my fragrance friends has been deafening.  Last time I was in NYC, my friend Brian was wearing it, and walking a few steps behind him, I felt like I had to control my urges to throw him down and ravage him.  Montecristo is very powerful, primal, and sexual.   Obviously not a scent for the office, but for a night of clubbing (or hunting for a partner) this would be a great go-to scent.  I supposed a woman could wear this but it feels so virile and masculine, I am not sure how it would work.  Longevity is great at more than 12 hours on my skin.  It also wears a little differently each time – sometimes it feels dirtier, while other times the rum on the top remains the dominant note.  For a good bit of the time in the heart phase, it smells like a used leather satchel used to carry around illicit goods that has absorbed the best of all the elements – well worn, but still very desirable.

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Masque Milano Montecristo is available from Twisted Lily and LuckyScent.

Disclaimer: sample received from fellow perfume lover.. Image courtesy of LuckyScent website.

Fragrance Reviews

By Kilian Black Oud Fragrance Review

* Starts off viciously, with an aggressive oud in your face mixed with animalic skank and dirty musk.

* Wow, this stuff is strong and definitely not for the faint of heart.

* Leather comes into the picture in almost a violent way – again, it’s dirty and animalic.

* At this point, the scent goes completely linear – leather, oud, sweat, animalic, and dirty.

Summary:  Etat Libre D’Orange did a fragrance for Tom of Finland which was a pretty weak and safe leather scent.  They got it completely wrong.  By Killian Black Oud is the scent that should have been for Tom of Finland.  Smelling it,  I picture hot, sweaty, hairy musclemen dancing in leather gear for hours.  And hours is the optimal word, as this scent doesn’t go away – it lingers, for more than 24 hours and through a shower or two .  Black Oud was previously exclusive to the Middle Eastern markets and it’s easy to see (and smell) why – this is some strong stuff.  Clearly not office-friendly and you would definitely need to have cojones to wear this out in public.  It projects massively and everyone around you will notice it. 

By Kilian Black Oud is only available by Kilian boutiques.

Sample purchased by me. Image from By Kilian website.

Fragrance Reviews

Parfums Retro Grand Cuir Fragrance Review

* Starts off with pine, sage, motor oil and a hint of citrus.

* Off the bat, this is a classic and rugged manly scent.  You kind of need chest hair to pull this off.

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Paco Rabanne 1 Million Fragrance Review (MAINSTREAM MONDAY)

* The bracing intro kicks off as a citrus mint cocktail with some spice – I get some orange, mint, and cloves.

* Initial projection is loud and sweet – people around you will notice this.

* While it stays on the sweet side, it starts to mellow when a light leather and a hint of wood starts to mellow it out.

* The sweetness continues as a sweet amber and earth patchouli joins the woods in the base 

Summary:  When I went to the Amsterdam Dance Event in 2008,  it seemed like every guy at every nightclub was wearing 1 Million.  It had just launched in Europe, and clearly the marketing campaign was successful.  This is a clubbing fragrance with great projection and longevity – clearly not for the office.  Although it’s labelled as an EDT, it is as strong as an EDP.  I bought a bottle at the airport on the way home and absolutely loved dousing myself in it.  Just as I strive not to put gender restrictions on a fragrance (though they are sometimes obvious), I also try not to put age restrictions on them either.  But, smelling and wearing One Million – it is clearly targeted and designed for teens and twentysomethings.  Though I still wear it from time-to-time (I am 40), I really don’t think it’s appropriate for those past their mid-30s.  It is a scent for a guy who has grown out of Axe or Fierce and is ready for a going out fragrance.  The scent also has strong associations for me – scent memories – of clubbing not only in Amsterdam but in Miami as well..

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Paco Rabanne 1 Million is widely available at department stores and Sephora.

Disclaimer: No disclaimer needed, bottle purchased by me. Image courtesy of the Scentualist.