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Parfums Retro Grand Cuir Fragrance Review

* Starts off with pine, sage, motor oil and a hint of citrus.

* Off the bat, this is a classic and rugged manly scent.  You kind of need chest hair to pull this off.

* If the top is a dirty leather, then the sweet side comes through next with a bit of manly florals – rose and violets.

* The florals are not overly strong but are present enough to show a change in character.

* The base is a softer leather with an earthy feel – dirt, moss, and wood.

Summary:  When describing anything artistic – be it fragrance or music, it is sometimes difficult to separate your tastes from value judgements.  For example, there is a genre of house music called body and soul – which is sexy and groovy, but it just doesn’t normally move me.  When I am in the right mood or the party has the right vibe, I can be all in, but normally it just isn’t my thing.  I have the same sort of feeling about drum and bass, and also Parfums Retro Grand Cuir.  This is a distinguished manly man’s fragrance with the same vibe as Creed Bois Du Portugal, Puredistance M, and M Micallef Royal Vintage.  This is a very high quality scent, with excellent longevity that is for a man who is wealthy, confident, and very secure in himself.  I recognize and respect Grand Cuir, but it doesn’t feel right on me.  I would recommend that guys test it and think it would be a great father’s day gift.

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Parfums Retro Grand Cuir is available from Luckyscent.

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