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Pinrose Moonlight Gypsy Fragrance Review

* First whiff is a sweet cherry wine with a hint of spices.

* More than wine, it actually smells like an Indian candy that I had once – I just can’t remember the name.

* This candy feel continues as a sweet nutty note comes into focus with the spices.

* Right after I sense the nutty notes, it starts to lighten up.

* The nut transforms to wood and is joined by patchouli for a subtle, skin scent base.

Summary: Of the three Pinrose scents I tested, Moonlight Gypsy is the one I would most recommend for someone first exploring the world of fragrance. It is exotic without being so weird that it might scare someone away. There is also a clear transition between the top notes, heart, and base that can be clearly noticed. Longevity is good and projection is not too strong – making it great for an office scent. For the price point, this is an incredible value as I could see this as a L’Artisan Perfumer travel-themed scent.

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Pinrose Moonlight Gypsy is available from the Pinrose website

Disclaimer: Samples purchased through Pinrose webite. Image courtesy of Pinrose website.