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Smellbent Lady Gogo Fragrance Review

* Lady Gogo starts of fruity with a mix of orange and lemon.

* The citrus stays present for quite a long time, which is quite surprising as those notes usually burn off quickly on my skin.
* The orange is joined by light florals – a mix of jasmine and another white flower that I can’t quite place.

* The flowers get peppery as they get closer to the skin.

* The base of sweet sandalwood joins the pepper as the florals dissipate.

Part of the Sunset People collection, Lady Gogo is inspired by nightlife.  While you would think that Lady Gaga was the muse, I would say it is the boundless energy of a gogo dancer since the longevity is insane – more than 24 hours.  This would be a great summer scent for those wanting something kinda clean and citrusy but interesting with a twist.  For a nightlife fragrance, it is quite office-friendly and quite fun to wear.  It doesn’t project too much in the beginning and sniffing yourself will put a smile on your face.

Smellbent fragrances are available from their website.

Disclaimer:  Sample purchased from  Image courtesy of Smellbent website.