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Blackbird Broken Glass Fragrance Review


* A sharp, metallic violet pierces through the opening.

* It is brisk and will take you by surprise.

* The violet mellows down into a brew of muddled, rubbery flowers – rose, iris, and violet in the background with angelica on the top.

* All of the flowers seem to implode into one other and a woody note comes to the forefront.

* There is a hint of spice in the warm base with some resins sweetening the wood.

Summary:  I am back from a long break of reviewing perfume. and Broken Glass is one that reinspired me.  I wore Triton a few times and noticed it was a complete 180 from the bongwater scent that didn’t work on me.  Triton was crisp, atmospheric, and pleasantly astringent – which honestly doesn’t make sense when you read it, but in texture and experience that is the perfect description.  Broken Glass is creative and interesting without being a scene stealer.  It doesn’t demand attention by screaming but lures you in with interesting changes over its development.  Longevity is excellent – well over 12 hours, but it is not overwhelming.  It feels like a second skin, present in your space but not burdening you with a heavy film.

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Blackbird Broken Glass is available from Blackbird Website.

Disclaimer: Sample provided by Blackbird. Image courtesy of Blackbird website.

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Dior Homme Eau For Men Fragrance Review (Mainstream Monday)

* First whiff is a bit tingly and spicy.  Its hard to define the notes but it feels (but doesn’t smell) peppery with the way it makes my nose twitch

* Within three minutes, a semisweet grapefruit and citrus comes in with a bit of spice.

* The fruits mix and stay at the forefront, and a faint flower starts to come in.

* The original Dior Homme was an iris-based scent – so I am guessing the flower is a muted iris.

* The long-lasting base of amber woods lasts a really long time.

Summary:  Dior Homme Eau For Men is a safe and solid designer men’s fragrance. It is easy to wear, accessible, and will work for a lot of people.  I think it is better than most department store scents because what you smell on top is pretty similar to what you smell throughout the life of the scent and it lasts more than twelve hours.   Fans of scents like Chanel Blue and Dior Light Blue would do well to check this one out.  It is office-friendly and will no doubt be very popular as I’ve already smelled it on guys at the club several times.  The glass bottle is also quite attractive – in a modern masculine minimalist way with the black tube accent giving it a visual exclamation point.  This is one of those times when I appreciate a fragrance for its merits while realizing that it is not something that I personally would reach for.  

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Dior Homme Eau for Men is available at Macy’s.

Disclaimer: Sample received from publicist. Image courtesy of Fragrantica.

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Jovoy Rouge Assassin Fragrance Review

* Rouge Assassin starts strong, with iris and resins.

* Yes, this one is aggressive and quite loud with an intense smell of dirty lipstick.  Dirty as in sexy, not filthy.