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Smellbent Sweet Tyranny Fragrance Review


* What hits me first is a blend of orange and patchouli. The sweet and juicy orange makes the dry patchouli feel more alive.

* The patchouli becomes the star with a creamy sandalwood and light incense behind it.

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Elements Showcase Wrapup (August 2012 Edition) – with a touch of NYIGF

Coming from the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) world, one thing I’ve realized is the importance of networking. Attending my first Elements Showcase in January was my introduction to the fragrance industry, and the exposure to so many new fragrance lines and great contacts made my August return a certainty. This time, instead of just writing about what I smelled, I am going to focus on trends/highlights.

Fragrance Reviews

Smellbent Bollywood or Bust Fragrance Review

Smellbent Bollywood or Bust* Bollywood or Bust kicks off with a dry rose surrounded by pepper and wood.

* I don’t get the Bollywood theme at all.  To me Bollywood is loud and vibrant colors.  BoB is more mature and refined.

* The rose lightens a bit as the spices come into play.

* Guys shouldn’t be afraid of this rose, it’s not girlie at all.

* The base is all spice and woods.

Summary:  I am impressed again by such a high quality fragrance from Smell Bent at such a reasonable price.  If you are a fan of Le Labo Rose 31 but don’t want to shell out $150, try Bollywood or Bust.   I will go a step further.  Layer Amouage Lyric Man of Creed Spice and Woods and you’ve got the luxury version of BoB.  If you are an a budget and want to smell “expensive,” this is a scent for you.  Longevity of the base is incredible at over 12 hours.

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Smell Bent Bollywood or Bust  is available from Indiescents and the Smell Bent website.

Disclaimer:  No disclaimer needed.  I own a full bottle.  Images from and

Fragrance Reviews

Smell Bent Violet Tendencies Fragrance Review

Smellbent Violet Tendencies* Violet Tendencies must be a play on violent because this one goes on with a punch – leather sharpened with wood and some violet.

* The way that menthol is bracing and cold, that’s how sharp the initial blast is.

* Some more wood comes to the forefront with a tad bit of spice – but it’s the violet and the leather that hold the lead.

* This smells much more expensive and manly than the bottle looks.  If this was put out by a major house, they could easily charge three times the price.

* Although kind of linear, the base notes last for more than 8 hours. Smellbent-Violet-Tendencies

Summary:  Of all the Smell Bent scents I have played with, this is the most masculine and I don’t think most women would want to wear it.  I could see a college student wearing this at their first job out of college – it’s aggressive and decisive but not overbearing.   If you are looking for a gift for a college graduate who has personality but is looking to enter the corporate world, Violet Tendencies is a good choice.

Smell Bent Violet Tendencies is available from Indiescents and the Smellbent website.

Disclaimer:  No disclaimer needed.  I own a full bottle.  Images from and