Elements Showcase – February 2014

The Elements Showcase filled the Skyline West with a diverse assortment of fragrance and beauty products. Here is a sampling of my favorite new things I saw at the February 2014 show.

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Portland General Store Racer Shaving Cream Review


* Racer shaving cream is a non-foaming organic shave cream.

* No brush is needed, just a finger or two to slather it on.

Grooming News

Elements Showcase Wrapup (August 2012 Edition) – with a touch of NYIGF

Coming from the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) world, one thing I’ve realized is the importance of networking. Attending my first Elements Showcase in January was my introduction to the fragrance industry, and the exposure to so many new fragrance lines and great contacts made my August return a certainty. This time, instead of just writing about what I smelled, I am going to focus on trends/highlights.