Portland General Store Racer Shaving Cream Review


* Racer shaving cream is a non-foaming organic shave cream.

* No brush is needed, just a finger or two to slather it on.

* A little goes a long way, a nickel-sized amount is enough for me to cover my face and head.

* The shave is extremely smooth, with a similar feel that I normally only get when I use a pre-shave oil.

* Post shaving, my skin feels extremely soft and moisturized- much more than any other shaving cream I have used.

I first heard about Racer from Barney at Fragrant Moments (, and like him I was skeptical.  I’ve been loyally using Art of Shaving’s brush-based system of pre-shave oil, shaving cream, and aftershave balm for years – so the idea of no foam seemed alien.   After the first use, I was pretty much blown away.  The cream is so slick that you don’t need a pre-shave.  For guys who travel or want to shave at the gym, Racer is a great all-in-one product.  The smell might detract for some people though – its described as “light-spiced oriental,” and Barney called it “slightly spiced, creamy, and woody.”  To me, if you smell the container, I get spiced artisan whole wheat bread.  That scent doesn’t last on skin, it’s just not what I expect from a shave cream.  With that said, I can see myself using Racer for a long time to come – just the simplicity of not having to use a brush and a small container to pop into my dopp kit – makes it perfect for travel (and home use).  The multi-use nature of Racer makes it the guys’ equivalent of a beauty balm.

Racer Shaving Cream is available from the Portland General Store Website.

Image courtesy Portland General Store Website.  Sample provided by Portland General Store.