Juniper Ridge Cascade Glacier Soap Review

* The notes are ginger and pine trees/forest.

* The soap feels refreshing, bordering on bracing – definitely great for a morning wake-up shower.

* A little bit of gel does the trick and it doesn’t oversud.

* The scent is strong enough for the shower to become like an aromatherapy session, but doesn’t last on the skin long enough to interfere with fragrance you apply later.

Summary:  Obsessed with natural aromatics, the team of Juniper Ridge leads wilderness expeditions and travel with a converted whiskey still that they use to distill everything from nature. Apparently they are really big on the West Coast, with their line of teas, incense, and colognes having a following among outdoorsy guys who appreciate the absence of any artificial ingredients.  I’ve been using the soap for a week and it’s just as refreshing as CO Bigelow Mentha or Lush Dirty – which I normally use for a morning pick-me-up. It’s nice to see a natural product as strong as the normal manufactured products.  Looking over their other scents – there are so many interesting ones – I am curious about the ginger/burnt honey Big Sur, the pepper/leatherSan Jacinto, and the gin and tonic Red Rock. I will say that I am not an outdoorsy kinda guy, but this company and their product definitely interests me.  If you are a fan of Slumberhouse Norne, you should definitely investigate them further. While I have not explored all of their products, the soap makes me think this is a great line to gift to guys who aren’t into fragrance or skincare products- you know, guy’s guys.  It would also make great gifts for anyone into the outdoors and wilderness.

Juniper Ridge products are available from their website.

Disclaimer: A sample was provided by Juniper Ridge.