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Votivo Dulce Caramelo Candle Review

* As soon as you open the box, you get a whiff of sweet caramel.

* The caramel is neither cheap-smelling nor synthetic, it’s what I would imagine a Guerlain caramel would smell like for their Les Elixirs Charnels line.

* The candle burns incredibly cleanly with no smoke.  When distinguished, there is a light smoke trail but it dissipates quickly.

* The throw of the candle is quite good – it fills the room nicely without being too strong.  The scent also lightly drifts into adjacent rooms.

* As the scent develops, the caramel is joined by some spice (cinnamon/allspice) and some light earthy wood.

Summary:  I was at the New York International Gift Fair and I will admit that I was overwhelmed by the amount of candles on display.  We joked that we were “soy-candled to death.” One that stood out to me was Dulce Caramelo – for its delicious gourmand scent and also the shiny silver container.  My first association was one of my favorite Guerlain fragrances – Gourmand Coquin, which is the most amazing sweet white/milk chocolate smell you can imagine.  I wish Guerlain would do a caramel for the Les Elixirs line with the Dulce Caramelo smell.

Votivo candles are available through the Votivo website and authorized retailers.

Disclaimer:  Candle sample provided by Votivo. Image courtesy of Votivo website.