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Smell Bent Holiday Collection Winter Vixen Fragrance Review


* Gourmand with a capital G – starting with the smell of making hot chocolate with nutella.

* The top projects strongly – people around you will start getting hungry.

* The nutella melts away and Musc Ravageur starts coming through – vanilla and cloves mixed with dirty musk.

* This part lasts for several hours which makes me love it every time I catch a whiff.

* Woods come in for the base with a touch of musk lasting throughout.

Summary: If you couldn’t tell by reading my description, I love this scent.  So much so that I am considering buying a full bottle. It combines two things that I love into one – hot chocolate and the top notes of Musc Ravageur. The holiday interpretation with the title is just about perfect… tempting you with a warm delicious treat and then seducing you sexually.  Longevity is about six hours, which is really good for an EDT.  Winter Vixen also smells like an expensive niche fragrance – like it could be a By Killian or a Tom Ford Private Blend.  With its robustness as an EDT, I could only imagine how glorious an EDP concentration would be.

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Smell Bent fragrances are available through the Smell Bent website.

Disclaimer: Samples purchased by me – no disclaimer needed. Image courtesy of Smellbent.