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Smell Bent Holiday Collection Snobirds Fragrance Review


* Snobirds kicks off with a powerful and really sweet candied citrus.   

* It reminds me of those orange jelly candies with the consistency of the insides of jelly beans

* The sweetness turns into a bit of industrial strength cleaner with the feel of Lush Karma

* The intensity dials back gradually as it becomes sweeter and softer.

* The base is a sweet mix of amber and resins, with a hint of patchouli.

Summary: Thinking about the name and how it relates to the holiday – this must be the scent of cleaning your house before leaving to go South for the Winter.   I can’t say that I like it, yet I respect it – because scents rarely get stronger as you wear them.  After testing it for a week, it’s not something I see myself wearing again either.  It’s not office-friendly, and if my description sounds appealing to you, test it before you buy it. It lasts about five hours on my skin, which is good for an EdT.

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Smell Bent fragrances are available through the Smell Bent website.

Disclaimer: Samples purchased by me – no disclaimer needed. Image courtesy of Smellbent.