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Smell Bent Holiday Collection Gimel a Break Fragrance Review


* First whiff is animalic and sexy, which turns quickly into sweet honey.

* The honey is strong and loud with great projection.

* As the honey begins to step back, a dirty patchouli and sweet flower comes to the forefront.

* At this point, the scent starts to soften and come much closer to the skin.

* The base is a sheer musk with a hint of patchouli.

Summary: Smell Bent scents have a sense of humor.  Gimel A Break is obviously a play on the TV show Gimme A Break starring the legendary Nell Carter.  This scent is a fitting tribute to her – with its strong and powerful yet sweet exterior which shields a soft and tender heart.  This one is clearly unisex and if you are averse to honey scents, don’t event bother testing (though this is on the very sweet side of the honey spectrum, it doesn’t veer even close to cat pee territory). It lasts about 4 hours on my skin, pretty average for an EDT.  The projection makes it not office-friendly.  It is definitely fun to wear and worthy of testing.

Smell Bent fragrances are available through the Smell Bent website.

Disclaimer: Samples purchased by me – no disclaimer needed. Image courtesy of Smellbent.