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Maria Candida Gentile Burlesque Fragrance Review


* Starts off with an earthy patchouli and gradually a grapefruit/orange scent comes through.

* This is quite a change because usually citrus notes are present in the first whiff.

* The earthy patchouli quickly turns powdery (in less than 5 minutes), with the orange still present.

* The scent stays powdery as the patchouli fades and iris comes forward

* The base is a light incense and pretty much a skin scent.

Summary: This scent confuses me a little but because the name doesn’t fit the scent.  Burlesque, to me, is bawdy, bold, and provocative.  On me, this scent is powdery with a bit of fruit and patchouli in the mix.  Most guys will probably not be comfortable wearing this, and I wouldn’t suggest this as an office-friendly fragrance.  Longevity is average for an EDP, lasting about 6 hours on my skin.  What’s interesting is that patchouli is a top note and the citrus that is mixed in lasts a good long time – more than an hour – which for a citrus is really good.  

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Maria Candida Gentile fragrances are available at Indie Scents.