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M Micallef Rouge No. 1 Fragrance Review


* Starts off with strong jasmine, buoyed by a light peach

* Initial projection is strong but not too aggressive.

* A melange of sweet flowers come in with a jammy rose in the forefront.

* The sweetness isn’t overwhelming, but it does feel powdery and a bit traditionally feminine.

* The scent calms down to a soft amber and vanilla base.

Summary:  I always hate to call a fragrance feminine or masculine, but this one felt a bit too feminine for me.  Which is odd, because I will wear a loud sweet tuberose like HdP Vamp a NY when I feel it. I guess the difference is the intensity and the mood.  Rouge No 1 is a powdery and soft, fruity floral. The ingredients are of the highest quality and it smells expensive.  The initial hour is too strong for officewear, and I seriously doubt guys could pull this off in an office, anyway. Longevity is above average for an eDp, lasting more than 12 hours or until you wash it off.   I think Rouge No. 2 is the better choice of this set.

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M Micallef fragrances are available through Lucky Scent and Osswald.

Disclaimer: Sample provided by publicist for review. Image courtesy of Lucky Scent.

Fragrance Reviews

Maria Candida Gentile Burlesque Fragrance Review


* Starts off with an earthy patchouli and gradually a grapefruit/orange scent comes through.

* This is quite a change because usually citrus notes are present in the first whiff.