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Maria Candida Gentile Luberon Fragrance Review

* Luberon kicks off as a lavender bomb.   

* This is the strongest lavender scent I’ve smelled since Caron Impact 

* Lavender stays the focus, as a light rose makes an appearance.

* The lavender eventually begins to weaken as a light mint comes in for the transition to the base

* The woodsy base has a bit of a forest smell, yet is soft and a little bit sheer.

Summary: Luberon is one of the times when the story really matches the fragrances.   Maria Candida made this scent to capture the summer days of the Luberon area of Provence, France, and the lavender fields.  This is a strong lavender fragrance that projects massively when first applied.  It smells really expensive – as in the ingredients seem to all be the real natural thing and not a synthetic approximation.  When talking about this in a forum, someone mentioned they didn’t like the way the mint came off, calling it toothpaste-y, but it didn’t do that on me.  I would definitely recommend skin testing this one.  Longevity is excellent, at over 12 hours on my skin.  While this is not my favorite lavender fragrance (Caron Impact is), Luberon is definitely a great scent and a powerful masculine statement fragrance.

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Maria Candida Gentile fragrances are available at Indie Scents.

Disclaimer: Sample provided by publicist for review. Image courtesy of Indie Scents website.