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Lush Scent Calacas  Fragrance Review


* I have never smelled Calacas Halloween-themed slime soap before, but it’s listed as lime jellybeans.

* The top is definitely lime with a hint of tangerine – reminding me a lot of 25:43,  but instead of lime and caramel it is lime with a bit of light floral.

* The citrus gets juicier and sweeter after the initial burst. It quickly becomes a skin scent (after about 30 minutes)

* But wait – it comes back for a second round about an hour later – where it’s new and improved dirty lime. Lime with a bit of skank and attitude.  Almost like a slutty lime, if you could imagine.  

* The dry down is a light and dry floral woody skin scent.

Summary: I’ve never smelled Calacas soap before, so I can’t tell if this is close.  Calacas is definitely a brother fragrance to 25:43 for the lime story, but of the two I prefer 25:43.  Calacas is a nice lime scent and of better quality than anything else in the price point range.  Longevity is good at 8 hours, and this is probably the most office-friendly of the special line.

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Lush Scent Calacas is a limited edition that was available only from their website. Check there first to see if it is still available. If not, ebay is pretty much your only option.

Disclaimer: Bottle purchased – no disclaimer needed. Image courtesy of Lush website.