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Neela Vermeire Mohur Fragrance Review

* Mohur is all about the rose with its development being an exploration of rose combinations.

* The top note is a soapy rose that projects strongly for the first 20 minutes or so.

* Part of a trio of fragrances celebrating the history and traditions of India by Neela Vermeire and perfumer Bertrand Duchaufor, the name Mohur comes from a gold coin that was important in the history of India.  It is also a tribute to an empress of the Mughal dynasty Noor Jahan, who celebrated the art of perfumery.

* The soap of the rose burns off and it gets a little bit sweeter, almost gourmand with the almond milk and iris – making it more luscious.

* The sweetness quiets a bit as oud comes into play.  Before you shake your head and say, please not another oud fragrance, this is one of the rare scents where oud is a supporting player and not stage hog.  The oud makes the rose a little sweaty and almost brazen in feel.

* The oud dissipates and the base of vanilla and tonka sweetens the rose, with wood and patchouli settling it.

Summary:  Mohur is a fragrance that I didn’t get the first few times I wore it.  I wouldn’t say it’s an intellectual fragrance, but the development is quite subtle and gradual over a long period of time.  Aside from the rose, none of the other notes stand out or scream.  They act as supporting players that tell a story about the rose.  Mohur is not one that I personally love, but I could see people who like rose loving it.  If you are interested in a different take on rose and oud that is more subtle and refined, Mohur is definitely one worth experiencing.

Mohur is available at Lucky Scent and the Neela Vermiere website.

Disclaimer:  Sample provided by Neela Vermeire  My opinions are my own and I am not financially compensated for this review or any others. Image from

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Smellbent Bollywood or Bust Fragrance Review

Smellbent Bollywood or Bust* Bollywood or Bust kicks off with a dry rose surrounded by pepper and wood.

* I don’t get the Bollywood theme at all.  To me Bollywood is loud and vibrant colors.  BoB is more mature and refined.

* The rose lightens a bit as the spices come into play.

* Guys shouldn’t be afraid of this rose, it’s not girlie at all.

* The base is all spice and woods.

Summary:  I am impressed again by such a high quality fragrance from Smell Bent at such a reasonable price.  If you are a fan of Le Labo Rose 31 but don’t want to shell out $150, try Bollywood or Bust.   I will go a step further.  Layer Amouage Lyric Man of Creed Spice and Woods and you’ve got the luxury version of BoB.  If you are an a budget and want to smell “expensive,” this is a scent for you.  Longevity of the base is incredible at over 12 hours.

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Smell Bent Bollywood or Bust  is available from Indiescents and the Smell Bent website.

Disclaimer:  No disclaimer needed.  I own a full bottle.  Images from and

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By Kilian Rose Oud Fragrance Review

* Rose Oud starts with a powerful punch of oud and rose mixed together.  It is strong and projects loudly.

* Oud is a resin from southeast Asian evergreen trees that have been infected by a mold.  It is rare, expensive, and highly prized in Indian and Arabic cultures.

* After wearing it a few times, I’ve noticed that top sometimes gets a little soapy on me as well, while most of the time it is Rose and Oud.

* As the scent calms down into the heart notes – the rose and oud stay present, joined by honey and cinnamon.  Oud acts as the base, with the sweeter notes making a nice contrast.

* The base notes mirror the heart with the addition of a bit more sweetness, with either butterscotch or vanilla coming in to play.  This is by no means an edible gourmand, but a quite pleasant sweetness combining with a more subtle rose and oud.

Summary:  Combining a classical female note, rose, with a classically male note, oud, is quite brilliant and the contrast makes this quite a unique and sophisticated scent.  Rose Oud is one of four oud scents from By Killian along with Pure Oud, Incense Oud, and the recently released Amber Oud.  A limited edition Extreme Oud is apparently only available in the middle east. This is a great nighttime fragrance as its way too much for the office.  It’s extremely sexy in a seductive, not sleazy, kind of way.  As the scent is quite expensive, you will definitely want to skin test it a few times before going for a full bottle.

By Kilian Rose Oud is available from Luckyscent, Aedes and Saks Fifth Avenue.