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Stephanie de Saint-Aignan Berberiades Fragrance Review

* Sweet citrus and ginger are the top notes.

* It’s present, but not overly strong.  It’s light, without being weak.

* As the citrus burns away, a light floral comes into focus with ginger, spicing it up a bit.

* The amber comes in after about an hour as the scent transitions to more of a skin scent,  though it is still present.

* A light incense floats above the amber for the base.

Summary: I would call this oriental light.  Oriental fragrances are often perceived as heavy, especially these days when clean, fresh, and light are buzzwords for most fragrances.   Berberiades is an oriental that people who are afraid of being overwhelmed would like.  As an EDT, it lasts around five hours on my skin- which is more than you would expect. It’s also interesting to note that it is not always the same.   Sometimes I get a sweet rye bread smell in the heart, and other times I get honeyed hay (which is probably saffron). It’s definitely office-friendly, as projection is mild and only those really close to you will sense it – and even then it’s very airy. Those looking for an oriental fragrance for the summer or an easy-to-wear scent that doesn’t call attention to itself should try this one.

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Stephanie de Saint-Aignan Berberiades is available at Des Fragrance and Sens Unique

Disclaimer: No disclaimer needed as I own a full bottle. Image courtesy of Fragrantica website.