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Parfumerie Generale Private Collection: Un Crime Exotique Fragrance Review

* A strong refreshing burst of cinnamon with apricot, gingerbread, and licorice kicks this off.

* Imagine sweet dessert pastries and teas that are cooling rather than warming for an idea.

* For the longest time, it really does smell like licorice tea and gingerbread cookie – until a light vanilla starts to seep in.

* Then, all of a sudden, the sweetness turns to sex.  All of the dessert smells melt away and a strong, animalic musk takes over.   It’s not exactly feral or raunchy, but its right to the edge of dirty and sexy.

* The musk continues into the base as softens with a little vanilla and wood.    

Summary: To get philosophical and sexist for a moment,  Un Crime Exotique is probably what most men describe as the perfect woman – sweet and innocent on the street and a ravenous demon in the sheets. The feeling of being proper and sweet in the top notes is a completely contrast to where the scent ends up.  For those who want to experience an obvious and broad change in a scent developing – un crime exotique is one to test.  Projection is strong and longevity is more than you would expect for an EDP.  If you put it on in the morning after you shower, you will still smell it the next day when you wake up.  It’s definitely not office-friendly, well- in most occasions.  I hate to label a scent as being for just women, so I will just say that this is a hard scent for a guy to pull off.

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Parfumerie Generale Private Collection: Un Crime Exotique is available at LuckyScent and Osswald.

Disclaimer: No disclaimer needed as I own a full bottle. Image courtesy of LuckyScent website.