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Parfumerie Generale Aomassai Fragrance Review

parfumerie-generale-aomassai-luckyscent* Imagine if Nutella had a caramel flavor.  Now dip some licorice in there.  That’s the top of Aomassai.

* It feels really dense and syrupy, making it feel like a winter comfort scent.  

* The nutella smell says dominant as some spices come into play.

* Only after about three hours does the projection start to calm down.  Before this, it broadcasts quite loudly.

* The sweetness continues into the base when light incense floats over sweet woods.

Summary: Aomassai is a decadent gourmand fragrance.   If you crave something sweet without the calories, this is a nice way to go.  The density and projection make this a fall/winter scent and not appropriate for hot climates and especially not an office setting. Although it’s labeled as an Eau de Toilette, it wears heavy and strong like a powerful Eau de Parfum (bordering on extrait). The dark, sweet nature of the scent reminds me of Angel/A*men, but a little more refined, so if you like either of those scents, this is definitely worth a try. Please be sure to test this one as every other review I’ve found has a completely different take on it.

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Parfumerie Generale Aomassai is available at LuckyScent and Osswald.

Disclaimer: No disclaimer needed as I own a full bottle. Image courtesy of LuckyScent website.