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Lush Dirty Fragrance Review

* It’s called dirty but its actually clean.  It starts with a refreshing burst of spearmint and herbs (tarragon and thyme).

* Projection is strong for the first hour or so.  People around you will be smelling herb garden.

* Sometimes I get lavender or licorice in there, sometimes I don’t.

* You can tell this is marketed to guys since it comes as a ‘body spray in a Windex-looking bottle.’  The body spray is a little more minty and sheer with less emphasis on the herbs.

* The EDP (not body spray) is pretty linear and calms down after about an hour. The spearmint and herbs quiet down a little bit and are joined by sandal wood in the base.

* “Dirty” is said to be a reference to the “Italian Shower” – jumping out of bed wearing the same clothes and just spraying cologne to cover body smell.  I guess this scent would work for that situation.

Summary:  I find myself becoming more and more of a Lush fanboy.  Their products and scents are great quality, have solid longevity, and are priced fairly. You get great value for your money in a Lush store.  I love Dirty and would recommend trying the associated products – especially the springwash and the toothy tabs.  The springwash will wake you in the morning with a tingling mint.  It reminds me of CO Bigelow Menthe.  The toothy tabs will be covered a future review, but are basically baking soda tablets that you crush up and use as toothpaste.  I can’t vouch for the hair cream (for obvious reasons) and i wasn’t a big fan of the shaving cream.

Guys, check out Dirty for a fun and refreshing summer fragrance.  If you spray this on at least an hour before you get to work, it would be office-friendly.  If you spray it on in your car before you walk into the office, your coworkers will look at you strangely.  Victoria at recommended using the Dirty body Spray as room spray – and at 19.95 for 6oz, I would agree it does work for a multipurpose product.  Her Frug named Frink seemed to like it even more.  If you are planning to use Dirty as solely a skin scent, go for the longer lasting EDP.

Lush Dirty is available at Lush stores and on the Lush website.

 *Disclaimer – No disclaimer needed – I bought a full bottle.

Fragrance Reviews

Lush 25:43 Fragrance Review

* 25:43 kicks off with a sweet burst – lime and caramel, with an herbal green haze covering it.  Those notes may sound a bit odd together, but it works really well.

* The wedding of his son Simon inspired Lush perfumer Mark Constantine to create 25:43.

* As the lime fades away, the caramel is joined by some dense resins with a subtle, light floral shading.

* I am not sure just exactly what 25:43 represents – possibly a Bible verse?  Can anyone quote a scripture that would fit?

* The sweet yet dry vanilla/resin base lasts a long time.

Summary:  Lush 25:43 was an impulse buy for me that I am quite happy with.  I was in the Aventura mall store and was taken by the lime caramel candy top notes.   While the fragrance is sweet, it isn’t TOO sweet.   The scent is advertised as a romantic fragrance, and with the sweet notes you would expect it to be very feminine, however a guy could easily rock this – even at work.   The initial 30 minutes is kind of loud- so if you want to wear this at work, put it on early and allow it to settle before you walk into the office.  When you are ready to leave work for the day, you will have a really nice vanilla/resinous skin scent that will be a great base for just about anything.

Lush 25:43 is available at Lush stores and on the Lush website.


Fragrance Reviews

Phaedon Noir Marine Fragrance Review


* Noir Marine goes on with a brisk spicy peppermint that will wake you up with its strong projection.

* Phaedon is a new line of fragrances by Pierre Guillaume.  This was kept secret at first in attempt to keep the focus on the fragrances rather than the names involved.

* The peppermint stays present and is sweetened up with a really nice tobacco note.  The tobacco is not overwhelming or ‘old man’ish – its present and acts as a nice sweet transition.

* I do not like aquatic (water/ocean) fragrances, so when my friend recommended that I try Noir Marine, I laughed.  Throughout the life of the scent, I don’t get any aquatic notes at all… maybe that’s why it’s so dark (or noir)?

* After a few hours, the pepper winds down and the tobacco transitions into really warming and nice resins that last a long time.

Summary:  I was introduced to Pierre Guillaume’s Parfum line when I was in Paris last year and absolutely love Aomassia, Bois de Copaiba, and Un Crime Exotique.   Noir Marine fits into that line quite well.  The longevity is absolutely wonderful, with the sweet resinous base lasting more than 12 hours on my skin.  If you apply this an hour before work, this could be an office-friendly scent.  Otherwise, it makes for a great after-work pick-me-up that will last until the next day.

Phaedon fragrances are available from LuckyScent and The Perfume Shoppe.

Fragrance Reviews

Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Shot Fragrance Review

* The first shot is a burst of cold with juniper berry, pepper, and citrus.  It’s a bit strong and bracing, with strong projection for the first 30 minutes.

* South African sprint runner Oscar Pistorius is the face of the fragrance.  Known as “the fastest man on no legs,” he is a double amputee who runs with artificial limbs.  I wonder if the inspiration was to be a sports fragrance with a unique twist.

* A fresh mint joins in with the pepper – I guess that would be called peppermint <grin>.

* Pure Shot bares little resemblance to A*Men, with none of the coffee, chocolate, caramel or musk that the original is named for.

* After about 2 hours, it calms down to a nice woody patchouli that lasts for a good 6 hours.

Summary:  Pure Shot came as a total surprise for me.  When I reach for an A*Men or and A*men flanker, I am expecting deep intense juices that projects.  Pure Shot could easily be described as the A*Men sports fragrance as it is refreshing, light, and heats up well with physical activity.  I would compare it to Serge Lutens L’eau, a clean laundry fragrance in a line of heavy oriental scents.  Pure Shot seems like it was made for guys who don’t wear A*men or don’t like heavy scents.  With that said, I do like it and it would work as a great summer scent.

A*Men Pure Shot is available exclusively at Nordstrom and the Thierry Mugler website.