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Base Sand Fragrance Review

Base Sand* Probably eight years ago, I walked into the Base store on Lincoln Road (South Beach), took a deep breath, and fell in love with Sand.  I ran to the counter and the lady pointed to the bottle of Sand.

* The top notes of bergamot, orange, and light patchouli are fresh, yet invigorating and energizing.

* Warning – this projects like a monster- especially if worn undiluted.  Keep this in mind.

* The concentrated spray can also be diluted to make an amazing room spray.

* The top notes last a long time. After about an hour, they fade and a clean patchouli and slightly soapy musk come in.

* The base notes stay on your skin until you shower – whether it be 12 or 20 hours later.

Summary:  Sand is the first fragrance that I have rebought more than three times.  It was my signature scent for over a year and it always makes me think of the Winter Music Conference, which brings a smile to my face.  At $55, the 4 ounce bottle is a bargain.  I’ve given it as a gift to friends who’ve asked me about it.  This would probably be considered an oil, so dilution might be necessary for those with sensitive skin or those who want to wear it to the office.  Sand is also available as a body wash, candle, roll-on, and incense sticks.  Also from the Base line, the mandarin/green tea SEA and peppermind/floral HOPE are quite wonderful. Base is a well-curated store that is worth a visit the next time you are in Miami.  Otherwise, check out their website.

Base Sand is available from Base boutiques and from the BaseWorld website.

Disclaimer:  No disclaimer needed, I bought a full bottle.  Image from


Aroma M Geisha Noire Fragrance Review

* Geisha Noire is all about Black Amber.  That’s the first thing you smell and it stays dominant throughout the life of the scent.

* Dominant is the optimal word here as Geisha Noire is strong.  I would be tempted to call it Samurai Noire because it’s quite powerful, yet stealthy.

* Aroma M fragrances are free of synthetics and use only essential oils.

* The Black Amber is sweetened by tonka and vanilla in the middle development.    There is a slight bit of sandalwood that comes through after several hours.

* Geisha Noire lasts a long time on the skin – easily 12 hours or until you take a shower.

Summary:  Although named for a feminine icon, the geisha, the scent is easily wearable by men and women.  The oil is very moisturizing which makes sense because it’s all essential oils to me.   Geisha Noire is to an oriental fragrance what Caron Impact is to Caron Pour Un Homme – the mid and base notes amplified without any top notes.

This is a statement scent and definitely not office-friendly. Though it is a strong fragrance, it is not overpowering or “obnoxious.”  It exists as a cloud around you and you might forget about it for a minute.  Then if you breathe in deeply, the gorgeous black amber is there again.   It would also make a great base for layering with other scents – maybe a spicy vanilla?  The price point is amazing – $55 for 1/4 oz – and this perfume oil is of the highest quality.  The one caution I will give is to be careful with application,  a little goes a long way.

Aroma M fragrances are available through boutiques (see website for listings) and at LuckyScent and Beauty Exclusive.

*Disclaimer – Sample provided by Aroma M.  I am not financially compensated for this review or any others.  Product pic from web.