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Tom Ford Private Blend Tobacco Oud Fragrance Review

* Tobacco oud starts off spicy – cinnamon/cloves and a bit of sharp wood

* It reminds me of the top of Bois Marocain and it projects massively.

* Then the tobacco starts to show up and overpowers everything about it.  Buoyed by a subtle oud, the tobacco really is the star for a lot of the fragrance’s life.

* While it begins to calm down at this point (around three hours), it’s still present and projecting nicely.

* The dry down to sweet amber and vanilla takes a long time and lasts even longer.

Summary:  I thought I was having flashbacks when I wore this scent because like AKafkaesque I realize that each stage of the development was another Tom Ford Scent.   Whereas AK sees it as a mix of Amber Absolute, Sahara Noir, Cafe Rose, and Tobacco Vanille – being the DJ that I am, Tobacco Oud feels like a wonderful mashup of Bois Marocain, Amber Absolute, and Tobacco Vanille with a touch of oud.  When I first heard of Tobacco Oud, I was hoping that it would be Tobacco Vanille, plus oud.  I am happier with the results as this is very oud 2.0 (oud as subtle supporting flavor, rather than an ‘oud in your face’ bomb). It feels more like a greatest hits medley (kind of like Julet Has A Gun Mad Madame, but much more well-conceived) and is far better in my opinion than anything in the last two private blend collections (Atelier D’Orient and Jardin Noir). Since I already own the three scents it reminds me of, I probably would not buy this for myself, but for anyone who is strong enough to handle a powerful long term scent (more than 12 hours of wear), this could easily be a signature.  Because of the projection, it’s not office friendly, but the strength can be downplayed by wearing only one or two sprays.  This is also definitely a scent that needs to be skin tested, as reading through the various reviews online, I kept scratching my head wondering if we were all spraying the same juice.

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Tom Ford Private Blend fragrances are available at Saks 5th Avenue and Neiman Marcus.
Disclaimer: Sample provided by sales associate for review. Image courtesy of Neiman Marcus.