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Lush Scent Ponche Fragrance Review

* Starts off with the money shot – boozy fruit.  Specifically tequila that is strong- slightly tempered with citrus and a little bit of cinnamon.

* I would not recommend wearing this when driving.  If you happened to be pulled over by a police officer, they won’t even bother with a breathalyzer.

* When the fruit starts to burn off – it’s full-on tequila with a hint of resins burning.  

* You would get the same effects by splashing the real stuff on you and walking by a campfire.

* The base is fruity wood and stays really close to the skin.

Summary:  Ponche has the best longevity of the collection, always lasting over 
12 hours.  I’ve only smelled Ponche Shower gel once and I remember it being tequila and citrus – so, based on that scent memory, this is a faithful interpretation.  Reeking of Tequila is not the best approach for work, so this is clearly not office-friendly.  Although this is full-bodied, I see this being a great spring, summer, and vacation scent.

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Lush Scent Ponche is a limited edition that was available only from their website. Check there first to see if it is still available. If not, ebay is pretty much your only option.

Disclaimer: Bottle purchased – no disclaimer needed. Image courtesy of Lush website.