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M Micallef Ylang Fragrance Review

* Ylang in Gold goes on sweet and fruity with licorice, sweet citrus, and a light floral.

* The top is strong and sweet, yet smooth and velvety.

* The sweetness dries a bit as the flowers come through in the heart – ylang ylang is the star, with rose and white flower cushioning it.

* As the flowers develop (or bloom), a creamy sandalwood floats around it.

* After several hours, the flowers recede and a creamy base of vanilla remains.

Summary:  There is something really special and unique about this scent.  It is syrupy and dense, yet light and airy – at the same time. It’s like a blanket that comforts and keeps you warm, yet it allows some free movement.  It sounds like I am describing a narcotic snuggie, but it’s much more luxurious than that.  It feels lush and layered while being sweet and intoxicating.  I really like that it wears a little differently on me each time – especially in the floral heart.  Sometimes I get a subtle hint of chocolate, while other times I get a cool mint sensation.  I went through a full sample of it just to keep experiencing how it develops.  Longevity is really good at more than 12 hours.  I would say this leans a lot more feminine (especially the shimmery version, which deposits a gold powder on your skin) but a guy could probably pull of the non-shimmery version.  I can’t say this is the most unique scent in the world but it definitely is enjoyable and luxurious.

M Micallef fragrances are available through Lucky Scent and Osswald.

Disclaimer:  Sample provided by publicist for review.  Image courtesy of Lucky Scent .