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Esscentual Alchemy Orange Chocolate Roses Fragrance Review


* This decadent treat starts off smelling like expensive orange chocolates.

* I wanted to lick myself when I put it on initially – it was so vibrant and real that I had a craving to run to Godiva.

* The chocolate changes from sweet candy to dry cocoa, more hearty which acts as a base for some lush florals – I get rose and a white floral that I can’t place.

* This may sound strange but as the florals dissipate a dark orange scent comes in. Its not dirty, its just deeper and almost leathery feel. If Chanel bottled this note, they would call it Orange Noir.

* The base is very oriental with amber, vanilla and resins supporting the orange.

Summary: Citrus notes in fragrances are tricky, they are normally at the top because they dissipate so quickly. The fact that the orange note stays throughout the life of the fragrance AND this is a natural is quite impressive. Longevity is great for a natural, where I would normally expect 1-3 hours, this one goes past the 5 hour mark when it becomes a very soft and subtle skin scent. This scent reminds me a lot of Providence Perfumes Cocoa Tuberose – they could be sisters or even brothers, as even though its floral, its not to femme for a guy. Also, I could imagine a guy wearing this being ravaged by his girlfriend (or boyfriend.) In a way, I think the scent matures as it wears – it starts off youthful and vibrant and gradually becomes more mature and seductive.

Esscentual Alchemy fragrances are available through the Esscentual Alchemy website.

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Disclaimer: Sample provided by publicist for review. Image courtesy of Esscentual Alchemy .