European Trip 2012 – Day 1 (Paris)

A great day in Paris.

Started at Serge Lutens – smelled and got samples of two new ones- Santal Majuscule and Une voix noire (hard to choose which one I like better). Stopped by The Nose – a really cool store with a great concept. Picked up Marc Buxton Black Angel and smelled everything there. I lucked into meeting one of the owners, who gave me a tour of downstairs.

Stopped by Etat Libre D’Orange (aka Eldo) and bought Bijou Romantique for my friend (who traded me for the Filipino Houseboy he bought me a few months ago before the name changed). They also let me smell the two new ones which are for US release next month!

Smelled a bunch of great new stuff at Sens Unique and have been skin testing five amazing ones – Fareb, Noblige, Mona Di Orio Rose, Chypre Palatin, and Fusion Sacree (this one is amazing and I will definitely go back to buy tomorrow). Stopped by Parfum Nicolai and smelled a new one. Popped into Miller Berteux and got to meet BOTH of them – amazingly sweet guys. They have a new one (which they let me smell) which has a completely different inspiration (California) than the rest of the line. Introduced my friend to the wonders of Marvis toothpaste at Nickel.

Excited about tomorrow – meeting Neela Vermeire for coffee, hitting Etro and a few department stores. Saving Jovoy for Wednesday (when I will also meet Denyse Beaulieu for a chat).

Time to calm down – and take a nap.