European Trip 2012 – Day 2 (Paris)

Another fun day in Paris.

Since this is my vacation, I slept in today and started at Etro. The price difference between New York and Paris is insane. I did the Euro conversion and the shirts are between 80 and 120 EURO cheaper in Paris than New York. Picked up a sample of their new scent Greene Street which is really nice.

While on the left bank, stopped by Bon Marche and smelled the new Memo scents. I LOVED Shams so much that I splurged on Quartier Latin after loving the first 20 minutes. Checked out all the Armani Prives and the new By Kilian in white bottles (they are obviously continuing the mainstream direction of Bamboo Tales with three easily accessible scents – a floral, a fruity, and a spicy wood). While are three are good, they strike me as mainstream designer rather than high end niche… though I should skintest further before jumping to conclusion.

I headed to the Marais and picked up two bottles at Sens Unique which I had skintested yesterday – Majdal Bekkali Fusion Sacree (gorgeous, with monster longevity) and Huitieme Art (Immortelle & Ginseng in a spicy mix). Also got a Popup Wizznadine (Grenadine) candle that I fell in love with at Elements (hope I win the diamond). While in the Marais, I stopped by Different Company and chatted with Anthony (who is quite cute and charming). I love that Oud for Love is not “oud in your face” and Oriental Lounge is a great sweet and seductive scent.
Headed to Jovoy and did a quick tour, noting what I was going to go back and sniff before I realized that I had to run to meet Neela for a drink. It was about this time that I realized that I hadn’t eaten today, so I enjoyed a Croque Monsieur at her recommendation. Neela was ABSOLUTELY charming, warm, lovely, and everything you could possibly imagined. I know I was sworn to secrecy — but I think I can say that she is working on a few new scents and I smelled some mods. It was really cool sniffing three different mods of the same scent – and talking about the differences and which I liked better and why. I would have gladly sprayed myself, but decided not to since I was already covered in stuff from Jovoy. One more thing about Neela – as a person – she is a combination of Bombay Bling (sweet, bubbly and vivacious) and Trayee (intelligent, respectful of history, inquisitive). It’s so obvious that her love of perfume comes through in her creations. After a hug goodbye, she helped me get to the metro so that I could get home and drop off my stuff before heading out again.

I went next to Printemps to pick up some Martin de Candre soaps for a friend (they only had one… damn them- will have to try BHV in the morning – unless you wet shavers have other suggestions). Checked out the fragrances – at the Nez a Nez counter they didn’t have Ambre a Sade but the SA suggested that I try Atelier d’Artist – a quite lovely smoky, leathery, boozy concoction that I am still enjoying. On a whim, I went next door to Galleries Lafayette and in the men’s building, I found the most AMAZING blazer that I will be rocking at my next special event – it is so shiny and sparkly. I am back at the hotel now- it’s early, around 9ish, so I am going to get some writing done before turning in early so I can wake up for one last full day in Paris.