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M Micallef Vanilla Leather / Vanille Cuir Fragrance Review


* Vanilla Leather starts of with a refreshing, almost bracing blend of lavender, mint, violet, and a touch of citrus.

* The refreshing stage lasts for about an hour, but then it starts to change.

* The scent gradually turns as cumin, vetiver, and a dirty orange blossom rises.

* This stage lasts a long time and doesn’t relent until a bit of allspice comes in to sweeten thing up.

* Vanilla comes in for the base along with tonka and a light sandalwood.

Summary:  People often ask me if these fragrances really change over time like I describe.  Vanilla Leather is so different in the three stages that it might as well be three colognes in one.  Or maybe it’s a story of seduction – a crisp, clean opening leading to dirty sex and ending with a sweet embrace.   Due to the strength and projection of the dirty heart phase, this is not a good scent for the office, and it definitely goes more masculine.   For those looking for a scent with a sense of adventure, Vanilla leather is a good one to test.

M Micallef fragrances are available through Lucky Scent and Osswald.

Disclaimer:  Sample provided by publicist for review.  Image courtesy of Lucky Scent .