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M Micallef Vanille Orient / Vanilla Oriental Fragrance Review

* A nice, thick, boozy vanilla bordering on extract is the top.

* Of the four scents in the Art Collection, this is the only one focused on vanilla the whole time.

* The booziness fades and the vanilla is front and center as it’s shadowed by creamy sandalwood and light musk.

* Musk and amber amplify the base, making the vanilla much more sweet and sinful.

Summary:  Vanilla is such a common ingredient that it takes creativity to make it special.  For the Orient, a sense of mystery (or a boozy haze) is the first sign of something special in the scent.  On me, it reads very similar to Guerlain Spirituese Double Vanille – albeit a bit more restrained.  If SDV is the drunken lush that is the life of the party, Vanille Orient has a great time, but is sober enough to drive home at the end of the night.  Of the four scents, this is the sweetest and the most… erm… lickable.

M Micallef fragrances are available through Lucky Scent and Osswald.

Disclaimer:  Sample provided by publicist for review.  Image courtesy of Lucky Scent .