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Lush Scent Snow Fairy Fragrance Review

* The top smells just like the shower gel – sweet cotton candy (what the Brits call candy floss)

* It is loud and projects strongly – but it’s not as overbearing as the shower gel can be.  That’s not saying it’s weak or anything – it’s just not AS strong as it could be.

* Wait, I take that back.  After five minutes it gets stronger.  Okay, here comes the cotton candy attack with bubble gum and vanilla as supporting players.  Imagine floating in clouds of cotton candy .   It feels like you are enveloped in it.

* While it is quite linear, there is a bit of melon that wafts in from time to time.

* The sweetness stays present even when it dries down to a sweet vanilla musk and becomes a skin scent.

Summary:  I am a huge fan of Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel, so when I hear they were releasing the pure perfume version, I ordered it the first day.  The perfume is faithful to the shower gel and will bring a smile to your face.  Spray some on and your spirit is instantly lifted.  With the strong projection and silage, this isn’t office-friendly and I couldn’t imagine wanting to smell like cotton candy in the office anyhow.  Longevity is really good – between 8 and 12 hours when I wear it.  Since the shower gel is colored pink, this is obviously aimed feminine, but it definitely smells great on the right guy as well.

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Lush Scent Snow Fairy is a limited edition that was available only from their website. Check there first to see if it is still available. If not, ebay is pretty much your only option.

Disclaimer: Bottle purchased – no disclaimer needed. Image courtesy of Lush website.

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United Scents of America New Jersey Fragrance Review

* The United Scents of America aim to represent each state with their own unique scent.

* For New Jersey, it’s all about the Jersey Shore boardwalk and amusement parks – kicking off with buttery popcorn and sweets.

Fragrance Reviews

Guerlain Elixir Charnel Gourmand Coquin Fragrance Review

Guerlain Elixir Charnel Gourmand Coquin

* Imagine the most delicious and decadent milk chocolate in the world.  That’s what this smells like.

* There is some cherry and rum at the top to support the chocolate, but it really is all about the chocolate.

* Slight projection for the first thirty minutes or so, and then it becomes a skin scent.

* The cherry/rum melts away and a soft vanilla comes in to join the dominant, sweet chocolate.

* The scent slowly fades into a delicious soft chocolate which last for about eight hours.

Summary:  Gourmand Coquin is the first fragrance I bought from the Guerlain boutique in Las Vegas.   It is also my comparison that I use when I am considering purchasing an expensive fragrance.  I think to myself, do I love it as much as Gourmand Coquin?  Everytime I wear this, I sniff myself constantly.  It is delicious, edible, and amazing.  This is not the chocolate scent you would get from a celebrity fragrance or something cheap from the mall – this is high-end, ultra luxe and rich- if there was chocolate nicer than Godiva/Lindt/etc. – that would be the chocolate that you smell here.  Although you would probably wear this as an evening scent, it works as an office scent because it stays close to the skin.  It is marketed as feminine, but guys could easily wear it.  Only two drawbacks – as a Guerlain exclusive, it is insanely expensive at $260 per bottle.  Also, the word is that it will be discontinued.   Although it might anger me, I wish Guerlain would change this from an exclusive to a mainstream fragrance so more people could enjoy and experience it.  If Gourman Coquin was marketed in department stores like their other mainstream scents, it would be an international smash.

Though Voyou is available from Neiman Marcus, I would recommend that you contact Guerlain Boutique in Las Vegas as their customer service is beyond impeccable, and they carry a complete line of all Guerlain fragrances.

Disclaimer:  No disclaimer needed.  I bought a full bottle.  Picture from Guerlain website.