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Creed Bois du Portugal Fragrance Review

* The fragrance kicks off with a blend of bergamot, lavender, woods, and spices.

* Bois means woods, and this scent was inspired by the woods of Portugal.

* What you smell on top is what you get for most of the span as this scent is mostly linear, until the base comes in which is often after 8-12 hours.

* The bergamot and lavender eventually fade as the sandalwood and cedar become the main focus.  A little spice is left and there is a light grass smell hazed on top.

Summary:  Bois Du Portugal has an old school and distinguished, manly feel to it.  Some refer to it as a 70s/80s powerhouse and I can totally see that as it is strong and projects.  Wear this to an office if you are a CEO or want to feel like one.   It’s one of those scents that gives off the smell of “old money.”  I couldn’t imagine anyone under the age of 30 wearing this, but I can be wrong.  If you happen to have a bottle of Tom Ford Private Blends Bois Rouge, this is similar, but longer-lasting and has more depth.  I know this because I skin tested the two back-to-back for weeks before making a decision to buy a bottle a few years ago.  With everything in my fragrance collection,  I find myself reaching for BDP quite often and the more than half empty bottle is a testament to that.

Creed fragrances are available from Neiman Marcus, select Nordstrom and the Creed Boutique.   If you live in South Florida, I strongly recommend that you reach out to Eduardo, the Creed representative at the Bal Harbour Neiman Marcus.  If you live in Nashville, Byron at Green Hills Nordstrom is quite exceptional as well.

No disclaimer needed – I own a full bottle.  Image from Creed Boutique