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Kerosene Black Vines Fragrance Review


* Black Vines kicks of with a loud, bracing burst of black licorice and mint.

* It is very fresh and exhilarating – making it a great morning wake-up scent.

* Licorice stays as the focus as a mildly sweet vanilla comes in for a short time.

* The vanilla seems to quiet it down a little bit and it starts to wear closer to the skin.

* A touch of incense comes in at the base, but licorice is still the dominant smell.

Summary:  If you like black licorice, you will like Black Vines.  Longevity is good for an EDP at over 10 hours.  With its strong projection, it is definitely more of a night scent and not office-friendly.  While I like the scent and enjoyed wearing it, it is not one that I would rush out to buy because the price point seems high for what seems like a pretty simple note.  When Victoria of eaumg smelled this on me, she commented it was just like essential oil.  Black Vines is definitely worth testing but I would suggest wearing it side by side with the essential oil.  In my mind, Fields of Rubus from Kerosene is a bit more complex, just as fun, and much more full bottle-worthy.

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Kerosene Black Vines is available from the Kerosene website, Indie Scents, and Min New York.

Disclaimer: sample received from retail store. Image courtesy of Kerosene website.