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Hiram Green Moon Bloom Fragrance Review

* Kaboom – this isn’t a bloom but an explosion of strong white florals. A sexy tuberose and a dirty, slutty jasmine are fighting for the spotlight.

* Projection is incredibly strong. We are talking Slumberhouse, Tom Ford Private Blend, I can’t believe this is a natural – kind of strong.

* Tuberose stays the focus as it mellows a little bit and is joined by spicy carnations and ylang. There is a hint of spice and fruit in there, but that is the element of the flowers coming in.

* As it gets sweeter, it also moves closer to the skin.

* Vanilla and coconut sweeten the tuberose for a long-lasting base.

Summary: I am not afraid of a big tuberose as I love to wear Honores des Pres Vamp a NY. Moon Bloom is not that big but it is as substantial. If you are afraid of white florals, this is not for you. Although I am describing the base as being sweet, it is not sickly or overwhelmingly sweet – it is simply coming into focus. The strength of the scent makes me surprised to learn that it is a natural botanic fragrance. Longevity has it lasting easily more than 8 hours and as a skin scent past the 10 hour mark. I wouldn’t recommend this for a formal office but could see it working in a more creative office, if applied sparingly. It is seductive and a bit brazen on the top, but it warms down to a sweet and loving base – kinda like when you crack through the hard exterior of someone and find they have a sweet loving soul inside. It’s the Bianca del Rio of fragrance.

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Hiram Green Moon Bloom is available from the Hiram Green Website.

Disclaimer: Sample provided by perfumer. Image courtesy of Hiram Green Website.