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O’driu Eva Kant Fragrance Review

* Robust yet slightly candied lavender that starts off light but gets stronger the more it reacts with your skin

* Yes, this is that odd scent that gets stronger as it develops on your skin.

* The lavender is joined first by a few flowers and then by ginger and sweet incense.

* At this point, it weakens a little bit but is still present.

* Joining all of the other notes, amber and vanilla bring in the base.

Summary: Angelo Orazio Pregoni is the perfumer behind O’driu and he is a creative person who thinks outside of the box.  He sees fragrance as performance and art.  If you ever explore his full range of scents you will find some decadent masterpieces and some strange oddballs – all of which react differently for each person who wears them. Just so you know, that previous sentence is a really high compliment from me, as I see perfume as a personal statement, and who would want to smell like someone else. Eva Kant is his first mainstream-ish scent – priced moderately, with a more accessible presentation.  Smelling Eva Kant, you can tell it is an O’driu scent because it has his unique signature.  What makes Eva Kant special is that the top notes last throughout the whole wearing and additional notes join the mix as it develops.  I’ve never experienced this before with a fragrance before.  Eva Kant is inspired by the female character in the Italian comic book series Diabolik (which spawned a movie in the late ’60s). The scent might lean a little more feminine but I would strongly recommend guys to try it out – it is quite powerful so it is definitely not office-friendly.

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Odriu Eva Kant is available from the Odriu Website.

Disclaimer: Sample provided by perfumer. Image courtesy of Odriu Website.