European Trip 2013: Day 7 (London)

Could I rock a Versace suit?

It might just be my OCD, but I always like being early for trains and planes – because you simply never know what is going to happen.  My train to London was uneventful but did allow me to have a nice nap.  I dropped off my bags at the Tune Hotel and ventured to Harrods to meet Marion (a friend from a Facebook group).  While waiting, I popped in and stopped by the Tom Ford counter to smell the two new ouds. Katargena from Poland was a gracious SA who gave me samples (a rarity), and I enjoyed Tobacco Oud and Fleur Oud. I was hoping that Tobacco Oud would be Tobaccao Vanille plus oud – but instead it was Tobacco + Bois Marocain +  Oud.  It is one that I will have to skin test.  Fleur Oud was a prettier take on By Killian Rose Oud – a classic floral oud combination.  I asked about the London Private Blend and was told it was only at the boutique up the street.  I found my way to the boutique and sniffed London – smoky, woody, and dirty – yes, that smells like London.

cock-fostersMarion called to say that she arrived, so I rushed back to Harrods to meet her.  We headed directly up to the Roja Dove Perfume Lounge on the fifth floor and sniffed our way around.  You could spend all day in there.  I was enchanted by Salvador Dali Fragrances and tested two of them on skin.  We realized that Roja Musk Oud should have been titled Civet Oud.  My inner 8th grader (the one who laughs every time he sees Cock Fosters) couldn’t help by realize that the Dorin bottles look like a penis. We also couldn’t help but realize that the jeweler Charriol was releasing expensive fragrances that smell like Avon quality.

ron-marion-harrodladuree-treatBefore we hit the main floor, we took a break to enjoy some macaroons and coffee at the Laduree restaurant.  Totally decadent and delicious, it was a great place to chat.  We walked around the main floor of the Perfume Hall exploring everything.


aerin-harrodsAt the Guerlain counter, I presented all the fragrances and I am pretty sure that the SA thought I was a guerlain rep from my explanations.  They had the Stephan Humbert 777 which I showed to Marion as well – insanely expensive, but gorgeous.  More reasonably priced was the Aerin line which had a very pretty Evening Rose and a soft Lilac.  I also liked the Terry Ginzburg scents – Lumiere Depices and Ombre Mercury.  Aramais had their Calligraphy Oud which was a typical oud in your face – but their amber rose was nice.


ron-too-matchyWe headed over to Harvey Nichols where I proceeded to try on an obnoxious matching outfit and we shared a nice meal at Wagamama.  For some reason, I was feeling really tired about this time so I headed back to my hotel and called it a night.


ron-marion-harvey-nicholsThank you Marion for spending the day with me in London!