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Tom Ford Private Blend Shanghai Lily Fragrance Review

* Sharp pepper and clove is the initial burst.

* Quite quickly, less than five minute on, a creamy lily flower starts to bloom into focus.  The spice is still there but acts as a contrast to make the lily seem sweeter.

* The interplay of sweet and spicy continues as cloves and wood contrast with tuberose and rose. 

* Though it starts with quite a punch, it quiets down as the interplay continues.

* The base of vanilla, sweet incense, and amber is grounded by a dry wood.

Summary: I described Fleur de Chine as pretty much a Southern belle who want to college to get her MRS degree.  Shanghai Lily is a bawdy broad who speaks her mind and makes her presence known.  She is sweet and loving, yet sassy and aggressive at the same time.   Although floral and sweet, it’s not too much for a guy to pull off. It’s loud, but not so overbearing that it wouldn’t work in an office setting.  It is quite sexy, though, and guys who wear it might discover it getting stolen by a girlfriend.  Longevity is above average at over 12 hours. Of course, I wish it was more direct and in your face – like the earlier Private Blends, but of the Atelier d’Orient Collection it is the only one that I see myself enjoying. 

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Tom Ford Private Blend fragrances are available at Saks 5th Avenue and Neiman Marcus.

Disclaimer: Sample provided by sales associate for review. Image courtesy of Neiman Marcus.